The Brand Chefs' Product Packaging

March 23, 2016

tbc_showcase_home2When small businesses want to compete with the “big boys” in their industries, being equipped with the right tools, knowledge, and skills is vital. The makeup of this arsenal has changed over the last few decades, however, and brands must be agile and future focused to remain competitive in such a crowded marketplace. Product packaging plays an integral role in raising brand awareness and boosting smaller companies to the forefront of their industry. Still, many entrepreneurs still view their product’s package as an afterthought, and it’s this mindset that can stifle or kill a brand before it even gets on its feet.

Patrick Mallek, creative veteran of the advertising industry and award-winning animator, knows a thing or two about boosting a brand’s reputation and credibility through the outlet of awe-inspiring design.

Patrick MallekMallek began his career at the cusp of the digital revolution, quickly becoming an eager user of computer animation tools back in the ‘90s. After studying fine arts, he realized that the digital landscape could drastically expand his creative vision and take his entrepreneurial spirit to new heights. A huge expansion of animation styles not only revolutionized children’s cartoons, it also brought a tremendous about of opportunity to American illustrators and graphic designers like Mallek. He realized he had a knack for working in time rather than space, and with the ability to have a variety of animation tools and equipment right on his desktop, he made the foray into helping leading brands revamp their products and get creative with inspiring product packaging designs.

Mallek is part of the Brand Chefs team at Mighty Fudge Studios, which he co-founded, and creates animated shorts and imaginative designs that represent a wide range of companies and industries.

He has worked with Harmons Grocery to develop a premium private-label program for its fresh products. Product packaging design was a key component in helping Harmons build its brand and communicate its “Secret Ingredient” to customers. “Advertising we turn on and off,” Mallek explains. “Packaging is always in front of you. It lives in your home, in your car, it’s that logo staring back at you every day.” This is what builds brand recognition and loyalty, which – when executed creatively – can give a major boost to both large corporations and mom-and-pop shops.

The Brand Chefs have also provided creative solutions for Walmart’s Marketside line, allowing the company to manage many suppliers and package formats and launch hundreds of SKUs across a wide number of stores in less than a year. Mallek says even small players like his creative business can serve large, established brands by giving them a price, sticking to it, and delivering on promises — then there won’t be any issues. With the adoption of augmented reality, mobile apps, animation, and interactive packaging, Mallek and his team have helped launch brands into the future and give them a truly innovative competitive edge that sends them leaps and bounds ahead of old-school businesses still relying on traditional advertising techniques and ways of thinking.

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