Sealing Flexible Packaging: 411

March 19, 2015

When it comes to flexible retail packaging, having the right information can make or break production. As expert providers of stand up pouches, we want you and your product to SUCCEED. So–we try to provide help in anyway we can. Our latest Ditch The Box radio show episode deals with one particular aspect of flexible packaging that you cannot afford to overlook…. SEALING. Although it may seem like common sense, sealing your packaging the correct way is crucial for your product and brand. To provide the very best information on seals and sealers, we reached out to our friend Stephanie Hwang at Sealer Sales. As the marketing director for the L.A. sealer company, Stephanie shared some incredible insight on the sealing process with our listeners. She covers what information you need to begin, explains the different sealer options (heat, impulse, band etc.), recommends which pouches work best with which sealers, and offers her opinion on where she sees the industry heading.   Listen below for a thorough overview of how to seal a stand up pouch.


“It’s Your Product, Package It Properly.”



Ditch The Box - Flexible Packaging and Sealers

Topics: Flexible Packaging, sealer, stand up pouches, sealing