Marijuana Packaging: Why It Matters

October 3, 2016

Marijuana packaging is becoming more and more of a hot topic as the industry continues to grow across the country.

Marijuana PackagingWe invited Rebecca O’Connor of Pinnacle Consultation on the show to offer some unique insights on the marijuana industry as a whole.

pinnacle-consultationAs a native of Colorado, Rebecca has been working in the marijuana industry for the past 4 years. Combining experience in the marijuana industry from managing facilities and consulting with numerous dispensaries over the state of Colorado. She’s helped a wide range of cannabis businesses with services such as inventory reconciliation, compliance audits and creating standard operating procedure. Her passion is to help small and large businesses thrive in compliance and quality.

Pinnacle Consultation has expertise in all stages of marijuana business creation, including structuring, the application process, state compliance hiring and training and financial estimation.

Today’s topics include medical and recreational marijuana centers compliance packaging for their customers/patients, the need for medical marijuana packaging to be both child proof but senior friendly, and a checklist for the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division exit packaging requirements for marijuana dispensaries to follow.

marijuanaThis episode will highlight many important topics for anyone in the marijuana industry.

Topics: medical marijuana, marijuana packaging, marijuana industry