Ice Ice Baby - Howard & Sons Ice

March 23, 2017


ICE. Who knew ice could be such a lucrative, innovative, and opportunistic industry?! Stephen Howard knew, and jumped on it.

Stephen Howard was not always an ice making machine. He spent close to a decade in the Finance and Commercial Real Estate industry, and also invested in an IT company. That is until he went on vacation and had the best iced beverage of his life.  He likened the experience to drinking a bourbon ad on TV.  If you’ve ever had a similar experience, where drinks just taste better at the fancy bar, you’ll enjoy what this episode is all about.

After the enlightening experience with his tropical vacation drink, Stephen began to wonder why only the fancy joints offer the big, clear, cubes of ice that don’t melt as fast and truly take the beverage to the next level. He soon discovered the reason. High-quality ice is not as easy to create as one might assume. In order to create the perfect ice cube one must go back to the way ice was originally created, in a big block that then had to be cut into individual ice cubes. Stephen set out on a journey to bring high quality ice to the place people enjoy the majority of their cocktails… at home.

“I just thought it was kind of silly that you can’t get a cocktail bar quality cocktail at home, even if you’re buying a $50 bottle of bourbon!” Stephen discovered that less surface area is better in ice because it takes longer to melt and doesn’t dilute your drink as fast. Additionally, what’s the point of buying expensive liquor when our freezer ice absorbs odors from frozen food and taints your expensive liquor?

Howard & Sons Ice LogoThis unique episode is one-of-a-kind. Discover how Stephen found a need in the beverage industry and is working tirelessly to meet that need and bring cocktail bar quality drinks to homes across America. Howard & Sons Ice Co. will change the way you think about ice.

Topics: ice, beverage industry