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July 1, 2015

Imagine a type of meat that is both lower in fat higher in protein, iron, and antioxidants than any other you’ll find at the grocery store or from your butcher.

It’s just as delicious as a juicy beef burger but is a better option for those sticking to a healthy diet. It’s a special food product that comes from an animal only found in the United States and Canada. Can you guess?

The answer is bison, and it’s taking the food industry by storm.

On this week’s episode of Ditch The Box, host David Marinac talks with Kevin Lamar, VP Sales and Marketing at Golden Bison, about the health benefits of this special meat and the significant role it can play in the diets of folks looking to change their lifestyle and shed excess weight. Food service professionals and retailers can order this savory, low-cholesterol meat online from Golden Bison, which is also the only purveyor of bison deli meats, including salami, pepperoni, and even bacon. High Plains Bison

Not only is bison now readily available for businesses, individuals can enjoy this healthy meat in customized, pre-prepared meals from Plainsmart. This “gold standard of protein” allows you to feel full after you eat it, making it the perfect addition to a weight-loss program. Plainsmart offers delicious bison breakfast sandwiches and gourmet bison with bourguignon sauce as two options that are part of its unique diet and exercise program featuring healthy and convenient shelf-stable meals.

Lamar explains that this weight management program is the most scientifically based in the industry, and communicating this through the brand message is key. “Brands package meanings,” he says, and there must be a relationship between customers and professionals in an organization to get the message across. This is why individualized experiences – beginning with the customized products to personalized marketing strategies – are key for brand building.

Tri CorOnce your food product and its packaging has been perfected with the customer in mind, it’s time to get it on the store shelves. Our second guest is Art Johanson, Director of Sales and Marketing at Tri-Cor, whose company works to make sure store displays are highlighting and showcasing products with the very best eye-catching signage. From pallets in big-box stores to floor, shelf, and counter displays, first impression is everything to a customer. If your product isn’t out on the shelves calling shoppers’ names with appealing, show-stopping designs, your marketing efforts have been wasted.

Tri-Cor’s goal is to make companies look good, and retail signage plays a big part in this. Anything that grabs your attention in a store environment when walking through the aisles is prime real estate for communicating the message of your brand. Johanson says his company stands out from the crowd because of its passion for creative design and its focus on the customer. The creative team will present three different display designs to a client, listening to their needs and giving them a choice.

Producers know their retail packaging is the signature they leave everywhere – it helps consumers recognize their brand and reflects the quality of the product inside. All efforts to show off your product must be treated with the same time and care as the product itself. From personalized marketing that establishes your company as credible and knowledgeable, to one-on-one meetings and conversations with customers, it’s ultimately about serving their needs and delivering superior products time after time.