Gary Bowen: Flexible Retail Packaging

March 6, 2015

Our latest Ditch The Box Radio episode welcomed packaging expert Gary Bowen from Shannon Packaging. During the show, Gary and the CEO of StandUpPouches.Net, David Marinac, covered many topics within the flexible retail packaging realm. Gary offered huge insight on flexible packaging and where he sees the industry heading in the future.

The shift from traditional forms to more innovative options like flexible retail packaging is an industry wide trend. Why? It’s simple. Flexible printed pouches are cost effective, offer more marketing opportunities, lengthen product shelf life due to packaging material, and can even increase sales.

MAIN TAKE-AWAY POINT: A pouch is an ECOSYSTEM. This ecosystem maintains a moisture-vapor equilibrium that ensures pristine condition. Pouches are the only barrier between environmental elements and your product. Taking this fact for granted can prove detrimental to your product, brand, and company. We couldn’t agree more.

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Topics: flexible retail packaging, packaging industry, stand up pouches, protective packaging