Build Your Brand Through Publications

July 6, 2015

Whether you’re a buyer, supplier, designer, or industry leader, it’s become increasingly important to have a hand in the branding of your product. Your product packaging has the ability to communicate not only all the amazing things about your offerings, but it also can serve as a reflection of your customer.All members of a company’s team must be focused on the design and structure of their product packaging in order to be successful.

You have only three to four seconds to grab a consumer’s attention, and your packaging can truly draw shoppers in or push them away.

On this week’s episode of Ditch The Box, host David Marinac talks with Laura Zielinski, editor in chief of Brand Packaging, a leading resource for those in the packaging industry. Laura explains why brands must focus both on the packaging of their product and the other ways they are communicating their message to the masses. Keeping up with current marketing trends is essential for all partners involved in the production and distribution of a product. This is why Brand Packaging has become a leader in supplying insights and news from experts to decision makers in the industry.

brand_packaging_logoLaura explains that the publication has been successful in helping professionals succeed because it doesn’t change its entire format just to appeal to specific readers. Brand Packaging determines what method of communication is right for certain audiences and incorporates messaging into that particular medium for delivery. Though technology is making it so much easier to reach consumers through video, webinars, mobile, and social media, you can’t alienate those who prefer print. Companies that are able to show their expertise on their product – without being overly promotional – will educate and inform readers, earning their trust and taking the first steps toward building a loyal customer base.

Businesses putting out content to help build their brands must also consider that an abundance of material is not always the answer. All marketing and branding efforts must be informative and accurate, which is something Brand Packaging takes careful action toward enforcing. The company’s website,, accepts contributed content from professionals looking to share knowledge about their area of expertise, as well as their products and services. It’s important to understand who your audience is and come up with the best strategies for telling your brand’s story no matter which communication tool you are using.

In the program, David and Laura share an exciting advertising opportunity that companies can take advantage of to best reach brand owners and industry leaders. Also discussed is an upcoming even, taking place Oct. 12-14 in Chicago, called the Packaging That Sells Conference. This conference provides attendees the opportunity to meet influential brand marketers and design teams in the packaging industry and learn powerful new ways to connect with consumers and build your brand. Check out to learn more.